Good future

If you want to have a good future you should learn. You have to follow your education to get into a good university and after that the employers to seek you for work and not vice versa.

The choice of institution will probably happen after careful study of the implementation, the level of unemployment and the amount of remuneration among graduates. For Britain, for example, useful information can be found in the newspaper "The Telegraph", the site "PayScale" and many others. As for the data charts for the top universities, just consider: What is the likelihood with the specialty  to realize myself and to receive an adequate salary, i.e. to cover the costs incurred? Can I apply what I have learned abroad? What competition will I meet at job interviews? Where will I have a higher standard of living?

Education is undoubtedly necessary and important, very important! Statistical graduates have the opportunity for better implementation and they are better paid. Universities are the cradle of knowledge and education providers. As such they compete. A significant portion of their benefits in today's material world is measured in money - realization and salary of graduates. You have the right to choose and have sufficient information and forecast data to make the right decision.