Do you know how to learn?

You teach eight years basic education, then another four or five medium, and then another four higher and still another year for master or other higher ...

You are starting work and understand that you need to learn more. Obviously learning process occupies a very large and important part of all our lives. And taught you how to learn?

Learning has become so unrealized process for all of us, that you hardly aware of how to learn and whether there are ways and opportunities to teach yourself how to learn more effectively.

The road to effective learning passes through the knowledge - the knowledge of yourself; the knowledge of the opportunities for learning; the processes successfully used in the past; your interest and knowledge about the subject and the matter you want to learn.

Here are some questions over which you should think about:

What I did and it was successful?
What can I do better?
Was my plan for learning consistent with my strengths and weaknesses?

Did I choose the right conditions for learning?
Was I concentrated, focused and disciplined?

Did my learning process lead to success?
Am I satisfied with the achieved success?